What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer develops due to the presence of abnormal cells, which are the product of uncontrollably multiplying normal breast cells. These cells begin to attack the surrounding tissues within the breast, often forming small lumps or tumors within the milk-producing glands (lobular carcinoma) and milk ducts (ductal carcinoma).

Breast cancer tumors tend to grow as abnormal tissues continue to form, and may invade the surrounding tissues, such as the chest wall, skin, or other organs. The cancerous cells travel through the blood stream via the lymphatic system: the lymph nodes underneath the arms connect to the breasts through lymphatic channels.

How is Breast Cancer Diagnosed?

Breast cancer diagnosis begins with breast cancer screening, a process where our MQSA and FDA credentialed radiologists perform imaging services, including diagnostic mammograms and/or ultrasound exams. We perform these exams in our Lithia Springs and Norcross offices, and our Fast Track Pink Compass Patient Navigation Program offers results within the hour.

Breast cancer is highly treatable when detected early due to medical advancements, so it’s important to receive regular breast cancer screenings. Nonmetastatic (not metastatic, or advanced) cancer tumors are often successfully treated through various breast cancer treatment options. Advancements in breast cancer treatment provide an estimated 9 out of 10 women with positive results.

The Woman’s Imaging Group provides services specifically for women in a comfortable, spa-like environment. We know that a potential cancer diagnosis is frightening, but we strive to provide our patients with a calming breast cancer screening experience.

Who is At Risk for Developing Breast Cancer?

While there are several risk factors that may increase your chances of developing breast cancer, 75% of women who receive a positive breast cancer diagnosis present no known risk factors. Doctors are still unsure why some women develop breast cancer, and approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point.

Risk factors which may increase the development of breast cancer include:

  • Age, and birthing the first child after age 35
  • Certain genes, labeled BRCA1 and BRCA2
  • Family medical history, especially a mother, sister, or daughter
  • Abnormal breast biopsy revealing lobular carcinoma in situ or atypical hyperplasia
  • Early menstruation or late menopause
  • Being overweight or obese, and excessive consumption of alcohol

Breast Cancer Guidance with the Pink Compass Program

The Woman’s Imaging Group believes in treating women first, and breast cancer second. Navigating a breast cancer diagnosis is often a difficult and stressful task. Our exclusive Pink Compass Patient Navigation Program is a valuable resource for our patients, offering:

  • Breast cancer screening results within one hour
  • Option to undergo additional imaging procedures in same office visit
  • Referral to a highly-qualified breast oncologist or surgeon
  • Regular follow-up care

Schedule a Breast Cancer Screening at The Woman’s Imaging Group in Atlanta

Schedule your next breast cancer screening at The Woman’s Imaging Group. Our Metro Atlanta location is conveniently located in Norcross, GA. Request an appointment in the location convenient to you through our online patient contact form, or via telephone: 678-336-6466 to reach our Norcross location.