Breast Pain

Breast pain, or mastalgia, is classified into two different categories: cyclical and noncyclical.

Cyclical Breast Pain

Cyclical breast pain relates to a woman’s monthly menstruation cycle. Breast pain associated with menstruation tends to decrease during or just after the monthly period.

Noncyclical Breast Pain

Noncyclical breast pain may be caused by several conditions or injuries to the breast. This uncommon type of breast pain may also be due to muscle or tissue strain surrounding the breast, and not the breast itself.

What Causes Breast Pain?

Breast pain can be caused by many factors, both internal and external. Women experiencing cyclical breast pain tend to have sore, tender breasts in the weeks before their expected menstruation, but may also experience sharp pains or mild tingling in the breasts.

Some women may also feel a sensation of fullness in their breasts throughout their monthly menstruation cycle.

Noncyclical breast pain may be caused by many additional factors, including:

  • Breast structure conditions, such as breast cysts, previous breast surgery, or trauma to the breast. This breast pain is often localized around the breast, but may also begin in the surrounding tissues, such as the muscles, chest or heart.
  • Imbalance of fatty acids, such as omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, may increase breast sensitivity due to circulating hormones.
  • Hormonal medications, such as oral birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, may increase breast pain.Antidepressants, such as Prozac and Zoloft.
  • Previous breast surgeries, such as a mastectomy, may cause pain at the incision sites following healing.

Is Breast Pain a Sign of Breast Cancer?

Though breast pain is not typically linked to breast cancer, it’s important to speak to a certified physician if you experience breast pain occurring in only one area. Persistent, localized breast pain may indicate a serious breast condition, such as an abnormal growth or pre-cancerous tumors.

Breast Pain Diagnosis in Metro Atlanta

The board certified radiologists of The Woman’s Imaging Group use the latest digital imaging technology for the early detection of breast cancer, and our proprietary Pink Compass Patient Navigation Tool allows us to make qualified referrals for follow-up care options.

Diagnosing breast pain at The Woman’s Imaging Group includes:

  • Diagnostic exams: our diagnostic exams provide an overview for breast pain causation.
  • Diagnostic mammograms: we perform diagnostic mammograms to determine if tumors, cysts, or cancer are underlying causes of noncyclical breast pain.
  • Ultrasound studies: our certified radiologists perform breast and general ultrasound studies to diagnose the causes of breast pain.

The highly qualified radiologists at The Woman’s Imaging Group in Lithia Springs and Norcross, Georgia, provide diagnostic mammograms for women experiencing noncyclical breast pain.

The proprietary Pink Compass Patient Navigation Tool allows our patients to receive their diagnostic screening results within one hour. If further imaging is required, patients have the option to complete those tests within the same office visit.

Speak to a Board Certified Radiologist at The Woman’s Imaging Group

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