Diagnostic Imaging for Breast Conditions at The Woman's Imaging Group

The Woman’s Imaging Group in metro Atlanta offers patients confidence, convenience, and comfort in our Norcross, Georgia, office locations.

Our services include diagnostic screenings and imaging services for women who may have:

Breast Cancer
Medical advancements make breast cancer highly treatable with early detection. Regular breast cancer exams increase the chance of early detection.

Breast Density (Dense Breasts)
Heterogeneously and extremely dense breasts may increase the risk of breast cancer. Ultrasound studies provide reliable detection of potentially malignant growths in women with dense breasts.

Breast Lumps
While breast lumps may not always indicate breast cancer, regular screenings increase the likelihood for early detection of pre-cancerous tumors.

Breast Pain
Breast pain may be cyclical or noncyclical; noncyclical breast pain typically indicates an underlying cause, including conditions such as breast cysts or fibrocystic changes.

Abnormal breast conditions could be early indicators of breast cancer or other serious breast diseases, so it’s important to get mammograms and other check-ups on a regular basis.

Schedule Regular Breast Cancer Exams at The Woman’s Imaging Group

Our offices are conveniently located in the metro Atlanta area. Patients are welcomed into our offices with a soothing, spa-like experience, which includes aromatherapy heat wraps and a paraffin hand dip, to calm anxious nerves.

Our proprietary Pink Compass Patient Navigation Tool allows patients to receive the results of diagnostic mammograms within one hour. The Pink Compass Program at The Woman’s Imaging Group also offers women the opportunity to receive additional exams within the same office visit, and provides valuable guidance throughout the diagnostic process.

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