A mammogram is a diagnostic tool used to examine the human breast. Starting at age 40, women should get a mammogram once a year to screen for breast cancer and other conditions. Women with a family history of breast cancer can start getting yearly mammograms even earlier.

The board certified radiologists at The Woman’s Imaging Group (WIG) are trained to review mammograms, with results back within one hour.

With the use of high-grade digital technology, our experienced team of MQSA and FDA-qualified radiologists are able to provide more accurate results and earlier detection than traditional analog mammography.

CAD, or Computer-Aided-Diagnosis, helps the board certified radiologists at The Woman’s Imaging Group enhance early breast cancer detection techniques and accurately target suspicious areas of the breast.

Diagnostic Mammograms

Although they are an important diagnostic tool, mammograms can be stressful for many women. At The Woman's Imaging Group, a physician-owned imaging center that exclusively caters to women, we are committed to changing the way our patients experience digital mammography.

Our Pink Compass “Fast Track” program provides each patient with mammogram diagnostic results within the hour; while they wait, patients are encouraged to indulge in our relaxing aromatherapy heat wraps and gourmet treats.

What is the Pink Compass 'Fast Track' Program?

At The Woman’s Imaging Group, we know that waiting is the hardest part of any medical exam. Our Pink Compass program offers patients the option to review their screening results with a certified provider within the hour. If our knowledgeable physicians recommend additional breast imaging exams, the Pink Compass program also allows patients to undergo additional imaging procedures during the same office visit.

Patients who choose to forgo our patented Pink Compass spa treatment typically receive their results within 24 hours, and their exam is generally completed in less than 30 minutes.

Experience Luxurious Spa Treatments While Awaiting Mammogram Results

The staff of The Woman's Imaging Group works to create a warm, comforting atmosphere for all our digital mammography patients. Before the exam begins, patients relax in our waiting room, where we provide gourmet beverages, snacks, and soothing aromatherapy heat wraps. While our patients wait to view their screening results, they can further indulge with a warm paraffin hand dip.

At the Woman's Imaging Group, we want patients to feel comfortable in our care. Comforting spa treatments offer our patients a way to relax while undergoing a stressful medical procedure.

Schedule Your Next Mammogram at The Woman's Imaging Group

Located in the metro Atlanta area, The Woman’s Imaging Group provides patients with digital mammography results within the hour. Schedule your next screening via the contact form on our website, or call our Norcross or Marietta, Georgia locations:

  • Norcross, Georgia: 678-336-6466
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